How submitting abilities programmatically works on Daylight


As a tool that helps communities and creators make abilities, you can push their abilities into Daylight and out to the users who qualify for those abilities.

Be sure to request an API key and review the shape of an ability before starting your integration.


When you initially receive your API key, your API key will be in a pending state. This will allow you to submit, update, upsert, and get abilities, but the abilities will not be visible to any users. You can see your submitted abilities when in this pending state by calling the Retrieve Submitted Abilities endpoint with your API key. This pending state and that endpoint simulate a “testnet”.

Once you feel your integration is ready, you can remove all your test submissions by marking isActive = false for each of them. Then you can rerun your integration to backfill all live abilities. Once done, reach out to us so we can review your integration and submitted abilities. If everything looks good, we can set your API key to active and your abilities will then appear to all users on the other side of the API.


Your API key can only add abilities that link to a specific domain or from a list of domains that are on your API key’s linkUrl allowlist. For example, Guild's API key can only post abilities with linkUrl values that contain "". To update that allowlist, email [email protected]

If your API key does not have a linkUrl allowlist because you need to submit many different URLs, we limit your API key so it can only post from a range of specific IP addresses.


Submission of an ability is not a guarantee that it will be presented to users. Internal moderation, filters, spam prevention measures, URL analysis, ability requirements, and time-based prioritization factor into what abilities are presented to each user.

Programmatic Quality Thresholds

We recommend setting quality thresholds for the abilities you push into Daylight to insure that only high quality, non-spammy abilities come through. Otherwise, we'll have to moderate your abilities more, and your distribution will be slowed or diminished. Examples:

  • Ecommerce Suppliers: Only submit token-gated products or discounts that have at least one token-gated purchase on a live, in-production store so you know the ability is live and working.
  • Token-Gated Experiences: Only submit experiences that >5 people have accessed.

Navigating Endpoints


If encountering an error where the error message in response body does not help you resolve the problem, please submit the full body of the request and the endpoint you’re attempting to consume to [email protected]