How to display abilities in your app.


Wallet apps, web viewers, NFT marketplaces, block explorers, and more use the Daylight API to tell their users what they can do.

Be sure to request an API key and review the shape of an ability before starting your integration.

Where to Display Abilities

You could show your users their abilities in many different formats:

  • Feed: A list of abilities that a specific user qualifies for.
  • One-Off: A high value ability a user qualifies for (like an airdrop) presented in on a Discover screen.
  • Token Profile: A list of abilities available to a community's token holders using the "Retrieve a community's abilities" endpoint.
  • Individual Ability: A screen template to show the details of an ability when a user clicks on it or receives a push notification about it.
  • Push Notifications: A specific ability a user qualifies for pushed to them using our upcoming webhook endpoint.

How Users Can Complete Abilities

Your users can complete abilities in several ways:

  • Dapp Browser: If you are a mobile app, allowing your users to open an ability's link in your dapp browser to complete the ability could drive more transactions in your wallet app.
  • Separate Browser: Sending the user to the ability's link in a separate browser app.

Navigating Endpoints