How the Daylight API helps you achieve your goals.

The Daylight API connects the ability ecosystem, equipping community tools with distribution for the abilities they help create and giving wallet apps the tools they need to delight, acquire, and retain users.

🛠 For Tools

Tools are products that help communities and creators make abilities: token-gated chats/events/shops, allowlisted mints or airdrops, DAO votes, etc.

Examples of tools: Guild, Snapshot, Shopify, and ZORA Create.

Tools programmatically POST into Daylight all the token-gated and allowlisted abilities they help communities and creators make, distributing those abilities to qualified users in the wallet apps they use every day.

This helps the communities and creators that use these tools increase engagement on abilities.

💼 For Wallet Apps

Wallet apps use Daylight’s API to tell users what they can do: NFTs they can mint, airdrops they can claim, votes they can participate in, and token gates they can unlock.

This dataset drives acquisition ("Use our wallet app to see what airdrops you qualify for!"), activation ("You are almost done! Finish your account set up to see the 2 new NFTs you can mint."), and retention (push notifications to your users when they have a new thing they can do). All of this adds up to a solution wallets can use to delight users as well as drive revenue.

🏪 For NFT Marketplaces

If you are a marketplace (or wallet app, wallet viewer, block explorer, etc), you can use the Daylight API to display the abilities of each token, enabling buyers on your platform to make more informed shopping decisions about the NFTs they are considering.


Apply for an API key

To use the Daylight API key in production without a prohibitive rate limit, apply for an API key here.