Use the Daylight API to drive engagement and retention.

☀️ Welcome

Our mission at Daylight is to help everyone uncover what their wallet address can do: mints, airdrops, unlocks, votes, and more. We call these things you can do “abilities”, inspired by Magic the Gathering's definition of an ability: “text on an object that explains what that object does or can do.”

We pursue this end goal by:

  1. indexing all abilities and then
  2. making them available to people in the wallets and web apps they use

🧞 How We Help

In the process, we help communities and creators convey all the abilities they create to the relevant people who can participate in those abilities, and we help wallets and dapps drive acquisition and retention.

This is all powered by the Daylight API. You may know Daylight by our web app that shows you everything you can do, but most users learn about their abilities via other wallets and web apps, not Daylight’s frontend.


Test out the Retrieve a Wallet's Abilities endpoint

You can test the Daylight API without an API key. See your wallet address's abilities here.