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✨ Everything You Can Do

A wallet address’s abilities are everything its owner can do based on:

  • the tokens it holds
  • the allowlists it’s on, and
  • the contracts it has interacted with

Abilities are not open actions available to any wallet address, but rather actions customized to someone’s on-chain identity and history. These actions include NFT mints, airdrop claims, chat unlocks, POAP claims, proposal votes, event access, and more.

🥹 Evoke Emotions

Abilities create emotional experiences of:

  • Belonging when you join a token-gated chat or event with other like-minded individuals
  • Pride when you mint an on-chain credential showing how OG you are in a specific community
  • Hope when you submit your vote for a proposal that could propel your community forward
  • Excitement when you claim an airdrop worth thousands of dollars
  • Comfort when you renew your ENS or revoke access for an old contract

🧱 Composition

An ability consists of three main components:

  • Content - the title, description, image, type, and dates of an ability
  • Requirements - what is necessary to access this ability: be on an allowlist, hold a token, etc
  • Action - the link to go complete the ability

Abilities can be on-chain - calling functions on contracts - or off-chain - getting access to an Internet or IRL experience.